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The Tanzania landscape includes several small isolated mountain ranges. Each
of these have a unique mixture of habitats and animal species and none more
so than the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Home to at least ten species
of primate including the endemic �Sanje Crested� Mangabey, the Here Red
Colobus and several recently discovered species of birds, a rainforest trek here
will be one you never forget. Udzungwa Mountains has only recently gained its
status as a National Park. Swathed in a unique and fascinating rain forest, the
mountains have been untouched for thousands of year. Five distinct trails
cover the forest and mountain peaks within the park, and offer varying levels
of difficulty for everyone from novices to experienced trekkers. Better yet,
there are no roads through the Undzungwa Mountains National Park, so hikers
have the area all to themseves. A trek up to Sanje Waterfall is no �walk in the
park�. Breathtaking, overwhelming views will greet those who make the the
effort to reach the top of this the �piece d� resistance� of Udzungwa National
Park. Situated in one of the country�s most beautiful wilderness areas,
Udzungwa Mountains Nationa Park is very special indeed.