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The Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected area in the world, covering
an area around 50,000sq. km. Its size us stunning bigger than Switzerland or
Denmark, uninhabited and little touched by human interference. Visitors
therefore find themselves in a pristine wildlife is spectacular and some
mammal populations (buffaloes, elephants, hippos, wild dogs, crocodiles) are
the largest in Africa. The rivers and the lake systems are also unique in East
Africa. Nowhere else can one make boat or walking safaris through more
spectacular wildlife concentrations. There are around 440 species of bird in
the selous, which makes it a prime spot for birdwatchers. It encompasses a
wide variety of wildlife habitats, including open grassland, Acacia and miombo�
woodlands, the selous is one of the largest forest areas under protection. Due
to its unique ecological importance it has been designated World Heritage site
by the United Nations in 1982.The Selous is unique among Tanzanias more
renowned preserved areas because it is a game reserve,not a national park,
and therefore a larger range of activities are permitted.Boating safaris are
becoming a popular alternative to vehicle based trips,and offer visitors a
chance to see the diverse life along the Rfigi River up close in all its
splendour.Hiking safaris and fly camping are also ideal ways to explore the
country and add a bit of adventure to you African experience.