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Tanzania�s second �largest national park after the Serengeti, Ruaha National Park is a
remote stronghold of a spectacular wildrness, undisturbed wildlife,and breathtaking
sceney. With herds of more than 10,000 elephants,vast concentrations of buffalo,
zebras, lions and leopards, and over 400 birds species, Ruaha limitless wilderness, is a
naturalist�s paradise. The Great Ruaha River is the main fuature of the park. On its
banks, the game viewing is spectacular. Hippos yawn under the midday sun and
crocodiles lie lazily along the banks. Fish eagles dive and swoop along the riverbanks.
Ruaha is the only Park to have both greater and lesser kudu. Greater kudu are tall
elegant anterlopes normally seen in small family groups of between five and ten. The
males have impressive spiraled horns. Lesser kudu are smaller, more shy animals found
usually in pairs in more densely wooded areas. The sable antelope inhabit the more
wooded (Miombo) part of the park. The best months to visit are from July to November
when the animals congregate around the water holes, but the park is stunning all year
round. Ruaha National Park gives you the chance to experience an old style safari away
from the crowds in an area that has remained for centuries.