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Mikumi National Park is the fourth largest park in Tanzania. Located
between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango Range, the park has wide
variety of wildlife that are easy to spot and well acclimatized to game
viewing. Its proximity to Dar es Salaam, Tanzaniaís largest city, and the
amount of wildlife that live within its borders makes Mikumi National Park
popular destination for weekend visitors from the city, or for business
visitors who donít have long to spend on an extended safari itinerary. Most
visitors come to Mikumi National Park looking to spot the Big Five; Cheetah,
Lion, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino and they are seldom disappointed. Hippo
pools provide close access to the mud-loving beasts, and birdwatching the
waterways is particularly rewarding. Mikumi National Park borders the
Selous Game Reserve and Udzungwa National Park and the three locations
make a varied and pleasant safari circuit.