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Mt Kilimanjaro / Mt Meru Equipment List
Vital to the success of your climb is being prepared with the proper equipment. Please consider the
experience we have behind us in compiling this list.
Equipment is available for rent - let us know in
advance please.

Backpack A day pack to carry watter bottles, extra clothing, camera,etc. No larger than 3,000 c.i.
Backpack Cover In case of rain
Sleeping Bag rated to at least 0 Degrees Farenheit
Foam Sleeping Pad closed cell, full length Not needed for Marangu Route or Mt Meru-overnights are in
Self Inflating Pad w Repair Kit Ultralights not a good idea. Not needed for Marangu Route or Mt Meru
Personal First Aid Kit Personal medicine, moleskin, waterproof first aid tape, bandages, asperine. the
Guides will carry a kit for larger medical issues. Please advise us regarding any conditions in advance.
Suncreen SPF of at least 30
Lipscreen SPF 40 or better
Mosquito Repellant w Deet
Water Bottles Two 1 liter and two .5 liter bottles are recommended.
Water Purification Tablets or SteriPen Adventurer
Pee Bottle (1 Liter) For cold nights. Wide mouth, clearly marked bottle!
Pee Funnel for women. may want to perfect this talent before you leave for the trip.
Climbers Headlamp
Trekking Poles
Adjustable length, 2 or 3 section. 1 pair.
Running/Tennis Shoes 1 pair
Hiking Boots/Waterproof Sized so you can wear a liner sock and a wool sock comfortably. Think
Gaiters 1 pair For keeping boots dry and rocks out.
Wool/Pile Socks 3 to 4 Pair. You will want one dry pair available at all times.
Liner Socks 3 pair. To reduce blisters these will be warn next to the skin. Thin wool, nylon or
Mittens Gortex Shell
Light Gloves Synthetic quick drying. These should be able to fit inside your mitts too.
Glacier Glasses 100% UV, IR. No more than 8% light transmission with side shields, nose guards and
leashes. Regular sunglasses are inadaquate near the summit.
Bandana Always useful, great for neck protection.
Visored Hat such as safari hat or baseball cap (Red Sox caps are preferable to Yankee caps -just
Warm Hat Wool/Pile with ear coverage.
Long Underwear
2 pair. Capilene, synthetic or wool. No cotton. tops and bottoms. Two pair of
lightweight offers more options of wearing a single or double layer. Zip T neck top is great for
Fleece/Soft Shell Jacket Mid to heavyweight. Wind stopping capabilities are great to have.
Insulated Pants Full length side zippers are easy to put on or take off without removing boots.
Down or Synthetic Jacket w Hood Medium to heavyweight.
Shell Pants 1 pair Gore-Tex. side zippers are great. Size the pants to be able to wear over insulated
Shell Jacket w Hood Waterproof, breathable. Underarm zips are great ventilation. Size for wearing
over other layers.
Trekking Pants Convertable pants are versatile. The bottom of the mountian will be tropical.
Toiletry Bag with toilet paper, toothbrush, soap/hand sanitizer, foot powder, wet wipes.
Trail Snacks Energy bars, drink mixes, etc
Binoclulars compact
Camera compact.
Plastic Bags
115 Liter Boundary Bag
Waterproof for keeping your clothing dry during transport.