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Zanzibar is the one of the regional in Tanzania where you will discover island which is famous for it's
beaches, rich in history and truly is an exotic wonder.
Zanzibar is legendary home of the safari, powder white beaches, safe tropical waters, world famous game
parks and a wealth of fascinating tribal rituals. Zanzibar lives up to it's famous image. Popular offerings in
Zanzibar include Stone Town tours, deep sea diving and fishing, swimming with dolphins, golf, beach
holidays, SCUBA diving and tours of spice plantations and remains from the slave trade.

Stone Town
Stone Town is the name given to the old quarter of Zanzibar town. It's labarynth of
narrow streets and alleyways lead past great architectural sites. Many buildings
from the height of the 19th century slave boom provide testimony to the owner's
wealth and status. Walking past the ornate palaces, mosques, shops, bazaars and
old houses is a treat.

Beach Resorts The island of Zanzibar hosts many wonderful beach resorts. Lying on the idyllic
Palm Tree lined, white sand beaches, deep sea fishing, snorkelling and SCUBA diving being the
main attractions. Be aware that much of the islands rain falls during April and May and some
resorts choose to close during that period. November also has potential to be wet.

Prison Island (Changuu)
Originally used as a detention center for diobedient slaves by a wealthy Arab, a
prison was built in the late 19th century but never was put into service. The island
now boasts a growing giant tortoise population, a small beach and a restaurant.
Snorkelling equipment is available for rent there and there are paths circling the
island which can be accompished in an hours time.

Jozani Gardens
Jozani Gardens is the reminant of what was a vast forest stretching through central
Zanzibar. It remains an important mammel preserve and is considered to be superb
for bird watchers. There are several forest trails where the Red Colobus Monkey
troops captivate the attention of travellers.

Mnemba/Chumbe Islands
Mnemba is a tiny island located approximately 1/2 mile from the NE shore of
Zanzibar. Mnembe Island Lodge consists of 10 private airy beach chalets,
constructed of organic materials. The island has wonderful coral sand beaches and
is a paradise for snorkellers and SCUBA divers.

Chumbe island also offers great snorkelling with dolphin, turtles and over 350 reef
fish species. The walking trail circling the island is also popular. Chumbe can be a
day trip or as an overnight in a eco-lodge where the emphaisis is very much on the
wildlife and ecology